14:04 <alkino> ggVGd: do you know you can short your name?
14:04 <alkino> ggdG
14:05 <ggVGd> yes
14:05 <ggVGd> but I have had this discussion before
14:05 <ggVGd> there is a philosophical difference
14:05 <ggVGd> it is about feedback of destruction
14:05 <alkino> uh?
14:06 <alkino> can't see difference
14:06 <ggVGd> it's a metaphor
14:11 <romainl> alkino: With visual mode you have a chance to get a last glimpse at what you are about to destroy
14:11 <romainl> alkino: you see a before and after at the same time
14:13 <ggVGd> romainl: that's not the most important point
14:14 <romainl> I'm all ears
14:14 <ggVGd> the important point is that the subject becomes aware of its imminent destruction
14:22 <romainl> alkino: the content of the page is put in a stressfull state when you select it: at that point,
          it doesn't know what will happen next. deletion? formatting? yanking? its existance is on the edge
14:23 <romainl> only you know what to do
14:25 <romainl> but at least it is made aware, of you, of itself, of its future, of potentiality!
14:32 <ggVGd> haha, yes, romainl gets it :)


11:14 -- You're now known as ggVGc

11:17 <bairui> you're not worried about the ggcG sayers?
11:18 <ggVGc> we shall see
11:18 <bairui> fair
11:18 <ggVGc> I just realised. What is the point of destruction with prior notification without a new start
11:18 <bairui> fwiw, in my weechat colors, you're now Worn Green instead of your Dirt Brown of old
11:19 <ggVGc> oh yeah, sweet. The nick is actually greener on the other side. makes sense
11:19 <ggVGc> brown destruction, green resurrection
11:24 <bairui> more of a shiva stance then, than kali?
11:27 <ggVGc> yeah, I guess
11:28 <ggVGc> bairui: I feel the c is a lot more mature than d
11:28 <ggVGc> destroying everything for the sake of it is very juvenile
11:30 <bairui> d is final; absolute; an action unto itself and therefore without hesitation or consideration.
          c is destruction, too, but open to new beginnings; it offers hope where d shows none.
11:31 <ggVGc> bairui: I think destruction is a juvenile act, because noting is final.
          It just means you are not taking any responsibility for what happens after the destruction.
          If your main goal is change, and a prerequisite for that is complete destruction, that is very  different
11:34 <bairui> the reckless hood that raises structures and maniacally laughs at the empty gesture only to march on towards
          the next soulless construct is psychologically underdeveloped in comparison to the youth who sees better potential
          in something and knows that it must first be demolished in order to birth its better form.
11:36 <ggVGc> yeah, pretty much :)
11:36 <bairui> :)
11:36 <bairui> welcome to your adolescent years then ;)
11:38 <ggVGc> thank you, I will do my best
11:39 <ggVGc> it's funny everyone proposed removing the V, but never suggesting the c
11:39 <ggVGc> too much vim golf
11:39 <ggVGc> not enough life
11:40 <bairui> the V now is the final glimpse at what was there; the verge between was and will be


02:15 <bairui> ggcG   <-- time to evolve again, butterfly?
02:17 <ggVGc> bairui: I wouldn't know what that evolution would be
02:17 <ggVGc> in theoretical terms
02:18 <ggVGc> i.e what the symbolism of it would be
02:18 <ggVGc> the V has always been the main point of it
02:20 <ggVGc> bairui: one could say that we're currently in the V of our existance, as a species. The c will still happen,
          but when it does we'll retain the lessons of this time, if we
          consider ourselves as a conciousness that transcends our individual existences
02:21 <bairui> hmm... you went from destructionist -> constructionist with the "awareness of impending doom" being a constant.
          Evolving requires the loss of that consciousness. Act without
          thought to the acted upon. Be without worry. Do.
02:21 <ggVGc> so, I can't evolve past the V, since the c has no purpose without the V
02:30 <osse> maybe ggVGc is the IRL version of that dude from V For Vendetta
02:31 <ggVGc> osse: I have no intention of personally destroying anything. I think that will happen by itself just fine.
          But it's our job to be aware of the coming destruction and retain the lessons of what led to it when we start over.